Spending another magical day at the happiest place on earth, this time it’s with this nerd. #disneyside #wearesoawkard


we know a few people who would probably benefit from the how to train your dragon series.

hagrid. we’re talking about hagrid.

Showing off some house pride!! SLYTHERIN IS DA BEST!!! #yourhousewillbelikeyourfamily maybe some kinda soul (@trrycronel) could buy this 4 me

My last butterbeer in diagon alley before I leave this magical wizarding world back to California #softghetto

I did something crazy. A birthday present to myself #TREATYOSELF I’ve been meaning to cross this off my bucketlist since I was basically 8 years old. Best experience ever #impeterpan

Anonymous what advice would you give an 18 year old girl whos never had a boyfriend or anything remotely close to it and is really self conscious about it?

honestly don’t sweat it. i didn’t get an actual relationship until i was basically 18. but relationships aren’t what life is all about it. you are that perfect age to experiment and have fun. i met my boyfriend at a weird time in my life, graduating high school, me going away to an out-of-state college and eventually moving across the country to live at disney world for half a year. we make it work cuz he is lovely. but this time OR ANY TIME you can do whatever the hell u want!!!!  i say, dont look for it & dont sweat it. i know its cheesy but its very tru, love finds you when you aren’t looking for it. i know a ton of people who are way older than us and have not had any sort of relationship and they are totally coool with it and everyone is totally cool with it because acceptance and adventure!!!u dont need no man in yo life tho. go explore and kiss and love yourself and everyone! sorry im crap with this but really dont sweat it, i know it may seem like you need one to be really happy, but you have to start that yourself! its not the end of the world! i promise! 

its officially my bday on the east coast and i am staying in bcuz homework and my friends wont text me back so i look all qt 4 nothing. also more sadsies bcuz my bf still hasnt told me happy bday 

Duffy and I showed up late 2 the party wearing the same thing. Someone had to change & it wasn’t me!!!! #duffy #is #qt



So yesterday I was lucky and blessed enough to go to the first soft opening for the public of diagon alley at wwohp and it truly is magical. it trumps hogsmeade imo but being able to hop onto the hogwarts express and head over to hogwarts is honestly one of the most surreal things. i started crying once i walked thru da brick walls and there was 2 much 2 capture so sorry for the lack of pictures. the BUTTERBEER ICE CREAMM WAS AMAZING I DEF REC!!!! its so much bigger than i imagine and i honestly wouldnt change a thing!!!! i loved it so much and i cant wait to go back for the official opening on tuesday!!!! the fishy green ale drink was really good and i basically spent my whole paycheck on merchandise here, no ragrets!


You’re insecure
I know what for
It’s because you lost
The revolutionary wa-a-a-r

So I sorta started crying once I saw the Hogwarts Express running. I was lucky enough to ride it before the opening day and I found a ride back 2 Hogwarts on Sep 1!!! it was magical btw #wwohp #mydreamcometrue

thenworld said: how do you accomplish the “live in walt disney” part? I wanna do that too

I’m currently in da disney college program at walt disney world so we live basically on property or close 2 it and we work there while taking classes thru disney university. i i currently work in epcot and on my off days every1 just goes to the parks or 2 universal studios so u can say i live in disney world but i leave next friday so its all about 2 end. i def rec checking it out da program its a lot of work but u get paid and get to go 2 da parks 4 free and its just da best experience ever and im so glad i did it. DISNEY IS LIFE,

everdeenly said: We should go to disney together someday it’s like my fave place

dude yes!!!! i live in walt disney world right now but i leave on july 11th back to california so ill be back to disneyland after july 11th!!! but yes!!! disney is life!!!!!