from the west 2 the east coast (at Miami Beach)

--Game of thrones link by any chance?--



these stills of joffrey look like someone just said something really offensive





crystal reed for westlake magazine

Wish I could stay here forever. Right before dinner at Ohana (at Polynesian Resort Beach)

--Better titles for HIMYM:--


How I Met My Consolation Prize

How We Destroyed 9 Seasons Worth of Character Development

How Your Mom is Basically Another Girl That I Banged

How I Got Over Robin — Oh, Just Kidding


reasons why i have trust issues : bad tv writing 

"I have lived a thousand lives and I’ve loved a thousand loves. I’ve walked on distant worlds and seen the end of time. Because I read."


George R.R. Martin

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Anonymous omg you're SO CUTE!!!!

you are too sweet!!! i look like my brother with a bad weave and trust me he aint qt!!!! but thank u!!!!!!!!! :D

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finally made a trip to the uk. @jesse209 takes the best candid. if only this was a blue phone box

one last #dapperday picture because I really did have such a magical time @nrmercier @princesskeiry thank you @jesse209

#dolewhip right before festival of fantasy premiere on #dapperday @jesse209

#dapperday has been lovely so far in magic kingdom. off to Hollywood studios!

from the #seahaven and touché amore show last night #excusemycruddypenmanship